Abbreviations Edit

I'm sure you've come across some of those internet or text message abbreviations.

Ex: Bae; Baby, or sweetie.

They are probably one of the worst things to happen to anything ever very useful, but who knows... You will often find that people like to use these abbreviations, in almost every situation.

Example: Like... erm my gosh Liz is like bae!

Or: Omg!!!!! did u get my text earlier?! It was about bae!!!!!!!!!!

Acronyms Edit

There are also abbreviations that are considered more as acronyms, but an acronym is more important than some of the ridiculous excuses. Let's think about the most popular one, W.T.F. - Which stands for "What The Fuck" - This acronym is probably the only one that is mildly excepted by the "sophisticated" side of the whole thing.

Here are some quotes to prove how ridiculous abbreviations are.

"Kill yourself" - Barack Obama

"I'm so happy that (bae) and (omg) exist... I'm also glad that sarcasm exists" - God

"Bend over, Sally" - sorry wrong quote.