Flame wars are when a bunch of people get angry at someone for stating his opinion or being incredibly moronic. If the former is the reason, the people replying will make very poorly justified attempts to call him out on this. If the latter is the reason, the repliers will try to get it through the poster's head that the comment is wrong, with the poster being the one making attempts to justify it by using petty insults and giving us more controversy to laugh at.

Flame War #1Edit

This is when somebody who doesn't deserve hatred, but gets it anyway.


A person comes onto the internet, perhaps YouTube, and makes a video/comment about how he feels about a certain subject of media. Let's say he reviews "Minecraft' and not only states his opinion on not liking it, but doing it with humor and logical points why. He posts it online. He wakes up and finds a few comments/replies. "Oh, some people might have liked it or may have given me feedback on it!" he exclaims, as he goes onto the video.

He is disappointed. Instead of constructive criticism, he finds people telling him that Minecraft is awesome and that he is incredibly stupid for disliking it. Instead of feedback, he finds people using juvenile and petty insults, and giving him death threats. This begs the question, why?

That's because he is stating his opinion. Not only that, but he is in a minority. The whole world will get pissed even if one person is in a minority. 


Oh boy, now this vid is getting viral. For all the wrong reasons. More people have come to act as if the video was him sawing, grinding up and eating little children. Yes, how dare this man have an opinion he'd like to share! How dare this man think freely! How dare this man not be part of the majority! 

What comes to mind is 1984 . Sheep-like mentality and consequences for thinking differently are everywhere in the comments section. But amidst the hatred, rage and juvenility of the others, there are the others. People that shake their head over this, or find it so mind-boggingly hilarious they want popcorn to eat so they can choke on it while laughing.


There may never be an end. It may end suddenly, and be forgotten about, or people find it and then continue to write gibberish.

But Why?Edit

We may never know. The internet does this all the time. It's like an unwritten rule.